In 2002 we made the first Trolley Festival. Over the next few years the word "Trolley" became an appellative, and we had to hide all our subsequent festivals in the around-Moscow forests, avoiding the large influx of fans. Since 2003 a team of like-minded people has been building rope parks, first for corporate trainings, and later for family- and eco-tourism.
We believe that we can share the beauty of nature with people who want to rise a little higher, go beyond the ordinary life and look at the world from a new angle.

Cambodia 2013
Building a rainforest rope park on an island

Below you can see some of our works, which we consider to be truly interesting and significant.
How do we work
Stages of building a Rope Park (RP)
Preparation of Technical Project
Obtaining input data, technical project development, signing the draft design contract.
Design Works
Visit, topographic survey, 3D model creation for the future park with reference to terrain, costing, works planning. Signing a contract for the RP production and installation.
Production and Procurement
Structures manufacturing, purchase of equipment and rental stock.
Delivery, Installation and Training
The building set is delivered to the installation site. A few days before the arrival of the assembly group, the foreman comes and approves the construction site. Depending on the difficulty of the work, installation can take different time. Before the final stage of the work begins the training of instructors to work in the RP.
Guarantee and Service
During the year we provide free warranty maintenance of the park. Subsequently we provide service maintenance on the basis of the contract.
Inspection and Control of engineering security systems and structures
Checking the safety lines, platforms, and stages.
Equipment Recertification
Inspection and recertification of the safety equipment.
Complex care of trees
Crown pruning, stabilization and anticorrosion treatment of trunks and branches.
Training and certification of Rope Parks instructors.
A brief story of hobby that became a profession
The first Trolley Festival made for friends. There was about 50 like-minded people, who settled in a few dozen tents.
More than 1,000 people visited the Trolley Festival. The Ice-Age team works the whole season on trees, organizing "rope parties".
Trolley 2004
The Ice-Age team conducts a series of professionally organized Trolley festivals (from Karelia Republic to Kiev).
Trolley 2006
Alongside with the festival we were frequently asked to organize something similar for corporate parties and celebrations. Very quickly this path turned into a separate business with its own customers, rules and specifics. Without noticing it, we became one of the first companies to create a modern industry of rope amusement parks. By the way, the definition "rope park" is completely Russian. On the West this segment is called adventure park. The phrase "Rope Park" appeared on our first project of a stationary rope park "Sky City" (Yakhonti resort, Noginsk city) in 2007.
While constructing the RP Otrada (Pyatnitskoe Highway, Moscow region), Zhukovka (Rublevskoe Highway, Moscow region) the Ice-Age team is developing and building the first Russiaт 5-frequency geo-dome.
Within the common project with the Ukrainian company SkyPark, we created in Crimea a Trolley longer than 2 km.
We build a RP on an island of Koh Rong (Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia). We create the first geosphere-constructor for the children's playground.
We create the RP FunFantastikWorld (Korolyov city, Moscow region) and the Antigravitator (Kalyazin city, Tver' region)
We create a essencially new roof form for compact buildings - Chetverthouse

We develop, produce and mount a high-mountain hut #Shelter 3800 on the north face of Mt. Elbrus
Our Team
Artyom Oganov
Project Manager
Ilya Akhmetshin
Design and Installation
Andrey Skorov
Maintenance and Service
Alexandr Fyodorov
Alpine Engineer
Konstantin Tabachnik
Alpine Carpenter
Tatiana Gnedash
Alpine Accountant
Ayk Oganov
Engineer - Constructor
Dmitriy Tabachnik
Kirill Panteleev
Alpine Carpenter
Ivan Ilyin
Alpine Engineer
Sergey Gavrish
Alpine Engineer
Andrey Sizikov
Engineer - Constructor